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Vitebsk Oil Extraction Plant

Vitebsk Oil Extraction Plant is Belarus’ largest producer of raw (unrefined) seed-oil. The company accounts for more than 30% of the country’s total seed-oil output.

Vitebsk Oil Extraction Plant exports to the Baltic states, the Western Europe and Scandinavia.

The Vitebsk-based company produces seed-oils through hot-pressing and ex-tracting. The company’s whole line-up is produced in line with the requirements what testifies to high quality of the products.

The company's range of products in-cludes pressed culinary rapeseed oil, sort "P", first rate, and extraction and technical oil, sort "T", second rate, pre-dominately for the bio diesel production.

The company produces 2,500 tonnes of seed-oil per month. The company is cur-rently upgrading its preparatory work-shop to enhance the quality of products.

Ready-made commodity is shipped in tank wagons and tank trucks.


49 M. Gorky Street, Vitebsk, 210604, Republic of Belarus

Director + 375 212 34 52 71
Reception (phone/fax): +375 212 34 36 52
Sales department
Phone/fax: +375 212 34 64 08
Contact person: Andrei Klochko