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Modernization and development of production RUPP "Exon - Glyukoza"

Modernization and development of production RUPP "Exon - Glyukoza"


A. Name of Project:

Modernization and development of production RUPP "Exon - Gyukoza."

The aim of this project is to modernize and develop the production of RUE "Exon - Gyukoza."

Total project cost: the investor is determined by

Project implementation period - 3 years.

Form a business - without any restrictions.

Summary: In the 80 years of the twentieth - century medical industry of the USSR, veterinary and agriculture lacked biochemical preparation. Decision of the government of the former USSR in Drahichhyn (Brest region) in 1986 began construction of the plant medicines and products, known biochemical plant for the production of antibiotics and biological plant protection. As part of the plant provided for the construction of maintenance and mechanical production of national importance for the needs of the medical industry.

Construction continued until 1990, then decided on conversion of the plant to the production of antibiotics and vitamins. August 24, 1995 by order № 45 of the Committee for Pharmaceutical and Microbiological Industry under the Government of Belarus, patented trade mark and given the name "Exon". In 1996 the Government decided to restructure the plant under construction.

In the same 1996 was the first commercial production of product – hematogen for children, the fall of 1997 launched a line of production and started producing syrups of syrup hips.

In April 2002, in which economic expediency company was divided into two independent units: RUE "Exon" and RUE "Exon-glucose."

Currently RUPP "Exon-glucose" is producing starch syrup caramel top and first grade, which is produced by enzymatic hydrolysis of corn starch or potato intended for use in confectionery, bakery food industries, as well as the production of finished dosage forms. Molasses and starch syrup, glucose intended for use along with sugar, and even more effectively in the confectionery, baking industry to improve the quality of confectionery, ice cream, bread and bakery products by improving their organoleptic properties and increase the shelf life of these products, as well as production of wines, spirits and soft drinks. Starch syrup can be used for the preparation of canned baby food. At the same time the product may be used in the pharmaceutical industry as a filler of drugs and as a thickener. Its main customers are companies Belgospischeprom, the Union and the Ministry of Agriculture. In addition to starch, the plant produces a new manufacture of gluten (a protein contained in cereals, used as a high-protein additive in animal feed), raw food, used in animal husbandry.

The main advantages of this project are:

 - The minimum cost of transporting raw materials;

 - Availability of roads and railways;

 - Presence of gas, steam, electricity, water and other resources;

 - Availability of staff, ready to professional development and training.

The most essential risk influencing realization of the project - is to increase the prices of construction materials and equipment.


B. Placing an object:





















Figure 1. The location of Drogichin (Republic of Belarus, Brest region)























Figure 2. Location RUPP "Exon - Glucose" (Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Drogichin)



C. Participating organizations

RUE "Exon - Glucose"

225 612 Republic of Belarus, Brest region. Mr. Drogichin Street. Lenin, 204

Director Alexander A. Levchuk,

tel. / Fax: (+37516) 4431025; e-mail:

Concern "Belgospischeprom"

220 006 Republic of Belarus, Minsk,   Aranskaya Str., 6.

Department for Sci–tech Development, Capital Construction and Investment of the "Belgospischeprom"

Nikolai V. Khoroshun,


Date: May 1, 2012

Contact information


6 Aranskaya, Minsk,
220006, Republic of Belarus