Three companies of the concern make food preserves. They are Malorita Canning and Vegetable Dehydration Plant, Vitebsk Horticultural Factory and Gamma Vkusa. They produce pureed fruits and vegetables for babies, semi-cooked purees in aseptic cans, and also juices, jams, confitures, and small amounts of other types of preserves. Besides, Gorodeya Sugar Refinery also makes sugary preserves, like jams, confitures, fruit butter, and apple semi-cooked purees in aseptic cans.

At present the companies affiliated with the concern produce about 15% of fruit and vegetable preserves made in Belarus (a total of 34 companies are involved in the production of canned fruits and vegetables in the country) and over 50% of semi-cooked purees in aseptic cans (ten domestic companies have production lines to manufacture this kind of products).

With a view to expanding their presence in Belarus and abroad, the companies affiliated with the concern started making vegetable/meat and vegetable/fish preserves for children (Vitebsk Horticultural Factory and Gamma Vkusa) and embarked on investment projects to make cleaned vacuum-packed vegetables (Gamma Vkusa), to produce fruit and berry fillings for the dairy industry (the Stolbtsy branch of Gorodeya Sugar Refinery).