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Construction of new facilities at the complex processing of bard distillery

Construction of new facilities at the complex processing of bard distillery


A. Name of Project:

Construction of new facilities at the complex processing of bard distillery.

The aim of this project is the construction of modern productions on complex processing of by-products from processing of grain and other products and then receiving a feed in Belarus and  etc. products.

Total project cost: 36.0 million Euro (the price of one production is to 3.0 million Euro).

Project implementation period - 1.5 years.

Form a business - without any restrictions.

Summary: In Belarus annually produce about 760 tons of DDGS distillery, in this context, the decision on the need to build new production facilities for processing bard distillery vinasse and potato mash in subdivisions alcohol enterprise services of the Republic, which are:

1. Hotovskoy distillery,

2. JV "Malinovschiznensky distillery" Akvadiv "

3. Bogushevsky distillery,

4. Lyntupsky distillery,

5. Ivatsevichi distillery,

6. Brodnitsky starch and distillery,

7. Urechsky distillery,

8. PPC "Polesie" RUE "Gomel Distillery"

9. Mirsky distillery,

10. Voronchansky distillery,

11. Kostiukovichi distillery,

12. Mihalinsky distillery.

Since both have the problem of a shortage of full-feed and recycling of waste contains protein, namely the problem of utilization of bard distillery alcohol industries are invited to investors (as an option) the introduction of innovative technologies for production of feed for livestock waste from food processing industry, which should provide a waste-free and cost-effective utilization of by-products and food processing industry and the livestock industry to ensure a cheaper, domestic food, which may serve an alternative to imports.

For the practical implementation of technology investor intends to construct factories in the Republic of Belarus, feed concentrates, and the Investor Group intends to provide the necessary assistance in terms of this Agreement.

All projects - an environmentally friendly production and require the construction of sewage treatment plants.

The main advantages of this project are:

 - The minimum cost of transporting raw materials;

 - Availability of roads and railways;

 - Presence of gas, steam, electricity, water and other resources;

 - Availability of staff, ready to professional development and training.

The most essential risk influencing realization of the project - is to increase the prices of construction materials and equipment.


B. Placing an object:



Figure. Location distillery plant



C. Participating organizations

RPUP Brest Distillery "Belalco"

224,005, Brest. Sovetskaya Str., 1

The General Director - Alexander Romanovsky

tel. / Fax: (375 162) 26-63-73, 21-64-41, 21-64-41

RUE Vitebsk distillery "Pridvinie"

210001, Vitebsk, Revolutionary Str., 45

The General Director - Mikhail V. Vasilevsky

tel. / Fax: (375 212) 36-93-61, 36-95-90

RUE Gomel Distillery

246 042, STR. Sevastopol, 106

The General Director - Galina Kardaseva

tel. / Fax: (375 232) 37-09-97, 36-41-02

RUE Grodno Distillery "Nemanoff"

230023, Grodno, ul. Wilensky, 22

The General Director - Anatoly Buben

tel. / Fax: (0152) 10/23/72, 72-22-32, 72-27-28

RUE Klimovichi Distillery

213600, Mogilev region., Klimovichi, Quay Str., 10

The General Director – Nikolai Belko

tel. / Fax: (+3752244) 5-65-00, 5-65-30, 5-65-75,

RUE "Minsk Crystall"

220030, Minsk, ul. October 15

The General Director Iodis Stanislav

tel. / Fax: (37517) 206-51-19, 227-44-69

JV "Malinovschiznensky distillery Kristall-II" ("Akvadiv")

222315, Minsk region., Molodechno district, d.Malinovschina, p / o Lebedevo

The General Director Oleg Rymashevsky

tel. / Fax: (+3751773) 02/04/52, 2-33-78, 3-99-30

Concern "Belgospischeprom"

220006 Republic of Belarus, Minsk,   Aranskaya Str., 6.

Department for Sci–tech Development, Capital Construction and Investment of the "Belgospischeprom"

Nikolai V. Khoroshun,


Date: May 1, 2012

Contact information


6 Aranskaya, Minsk,
220006, Republic of Belarus