Krasny Mozyryanin

Krasny Mozyryanin is among the oldest food companies in Belarus. It was founded in the town of Narovlya over 90 years ago.

At present the company produces more than 100 descriptions of confectionary products: milk and fondant sweets, chocolate coated sweets (with fruit jelly, cream, fondant, aerated and combined fillings), marshmallow topped with sugar powder, chocolate or confectionary coating, marmalade topped with sugar crystals, coconut and confectionary coating; butterscotch.

The new products are made taking into account company’s traditions and customer preferences.

Krasny Mozyryanin is a reputed company that has secured a firm foothold in the industry due to cutting-edge technology. The products are made using eco-friendly organic raw materials imported from the CIS and non-CIS states. A bulk of products is sold abroad, mainly to Russia, Germany, Israel and the US.

 The company is committed to improving quality and safety of products, their taste and design. All the products have quality certificates of the Russian Federation and are in compliance with international ISO 9001-2001 and HACCP standards.

The company’s products have been awarded diplomas and prizes of a number of international competitions; every year they become laureates of the competitions Best Products of the Republic  of Belarus and Best Products of the Republic of Belarus in Russia.


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