Kommunarka Factory is one of the largest confectionaries in the Republic of Belarus. The company’s annual output reaches 25,000 tonnes of confectionary goods. The company’s products portfolio includes over 300 descriptions of sweets, chocolate, caramel, candy drops, toffee and waffles.

The company has been awarded the right to mark its products (fondant chocolate and chocolate with/without fillings) with a Natural Product label. The label guarantees that the company uses only natural ingredients grown without the use of pesticides, antibiotics, hormonal agents and GMOs. The products do not contain any artificial flavours and colours.

The company has STB ISO 9001-2001 and HACCP quality and food safety management certificates.

Kommunarka confectionary goods are highly valued by customers in Belarus and also in Russia, the USA, Czech Republic, the Baltic states, Germany, and Israel.

The company’s products have won various awards and diplomas at professional exhibitions and contests. Kommunarka has recently won The Best Product of the Year, the Most Favoured Brand, the Well-Known Brand, and other nominations. Yet, customer loyalty is the highest award for the company. For several years in a row Kommunarka has been named Confectionary Number One in Belarus at the Choice of the Year Contest.

Kommunarka’s figured chocolate set has been awarded a big gold medal at the international specialist exhibitions such as Pischeprom-EXPO, Myasomolprom and Interfood. The confection has received the Best Product of the Year attestation certificate for a figured chocolate set and chocolate sweets Belovezhsky Aurochs.


18 Aranskaya Str., Minsk, 2220033, Republic of Belarus
E-mail: ofis@kommunarka.by
phone: reception  (017) 223 63 14, факс (017) 223 59 10
sales department  (017) 223 62 23, 223 58 12