Eurotarex is Belarus’ biggest producer of woven polypropylene bags which production capacity reaches 16 million bags a year.

The enterprise is fitted with cutting-edge equipment which enables it to carry out the whole production cycle.  Woven polypropylene bags come in a variety of sizes (38-60 cm), thickness (70-100 g/m2), carrying capacity (5-50kg), and styles. The company can custom label bags to accommodate important information. The enterprise was set up to provide Belarusian companies with domestically manufactured high-quality packaging in line with the national import substitution programme.


The company produces a wide variety of bags for foods and non-foods:

- 50kg  bags for sugar, flour, grain, salt (open, with or without liners)
- 25kg, 50kg bags for chemical products (open top/fill spout, with or without liners)
- 5kg, 10kg, 20kg and 25kg Malysh bags for sugar, flour and grain (open,  with or without liners)


Phone: (01770) 57 057
Telefax: (01770)

2 Zavodskaya Street, Gorodeya village, Nesvizh region, Minsk oblast 222611, Belarus
Marketing office in Minsk
Telefax: 227-35 53, 227-57 72