The college provides training to over 500 students from all over Belarus who can choose one out of four branches of study available at the college. The favourable location of the college facilitates holding theoretical and practical training and production practice at the enterprises of Minsk and the Minsk region.

The college administration invests much effort in the improvement of the material and technical base of the college and the introduction of new forms of work.
Two comfortable dormitories are available for non-resident students.
The college offers a wide variety of leisure activities, including numerous events held at the college and trips to Belarus’ places of interest.

The marketing major opened in 1993 is among the most popular ones, as strong marketing skills are essential for getting profit and grasp new growth opportunities amidst cut-throat competition. The students learn how to get and process information, analyze and systemize the results of the marketing research, develop and implement new merchandizing policies and analyze the company’s performance figures and get familiar with record management.

The close links of the college with companies subordinate to the Belgospishcheprom concern give students an opportunity to take part in marketing research, exhibitions and tastings.

Those who take up merchandising and sales technology courses will be able to get an additional qualification allowing them to work as salespersons at grocery stores. The students can master information technologies at three computer labs available at the college.

The period of study – 2 years and 10 months
Qualification – marketing economist.

The first class of technology students graduated in 1996. The reformation of the country’s agricultural and food industries, establishment of new multy-product companies and factories, development of agrotowns and improvement of processing technologies boost the demand for specialists who possess skills and expertise in production and processing of plant raw materials.

The core disciplines include fruit and vegetables production technologies, plant products storage and processing technologies, food production equipment, operation of fruit and vegetables production and processing machines. Apart from that the students study marketing, economics, accounting, and merchandizing. These courses are aimed to develop their commercial skills and managerial thinking.

The period of study is 2 years and 10 months.
Qualification: technician.

This specialization was introduced in Belarus at the suggestion of the Belgospishcheprom concern in 2002. The college is Belarus’ only educational institution that offers this course to school graduates.

The students study the production of fat-and-oil products (vegetable oils, margarines, mayonnaises, soap), familiarize with technological processes and equipment, learn about the organization of technical and chemical control of products, study economics, management and marketing. They are offered training in blue-collar jobs as operators of fat and oils refining machines, production of mayonnaise and margarine.

The period of study is 2 years and 10 months.
The qualification is technician.

In 2007 a new specialization titled “Landscape Architecture” was introduced. The rapid urban, suburban, recreational and rural development spurs the need for specialists in landscape gardening. The vicinity to the Central Botanics Garden, the Tsvety company and park complexes of Minsk facilitates the organization of practical studies and helps involve  Belarus’ best landscape gardening specialists in the educational process.

The students study botanical and agro-technical peculiarities of ornamental plants, the variety of tree crops and flowers used in landscape architecture, maintenance logistics, phyto-design, economics, marketing, management, IT and a number of other disciplines.

The period of study is 2 years and 10 months.

The qualification is landscape architecture technician.

59 Naberezhnaya Street, Senitsa village (1.5 km from Minsk), Minsk region, 223056, Belarus
Phone/fax  (017)506-12-09