Sugar production is one of the key industries of the Republic of Belarus. The industry makes a great contribution to Belarus' agricultural developmentand helps maintain the country's food security.

Sugar beet is cultivated by over 450 agricultural companies in four regions, namely Brest Oblast, Grodno Oblast, Minsk Oblast and Mogilev Oblast. At present Belarusian companies fully meet the domestic demand for sugar.

There are four sugar refineries in Belarus. They are Slutsk Sugar Refinery, Gorodeya Sugar Refinery, Skidel Sugar Refinery and Zhabinka Sugar Refinery. Together they can process 32,700 tonnes of sugar beet daily.

In 2010-2013 Belarusian sugar refineries were named best in the Customs Union. Using advanced world-class technologies and equipment domestic producers managed to considerably reduce sugar losses during sugar beet storage and processing, to cut down on main and auxiliary raw materials and electric energy used to produce one tonne of finished goods, and to maximize beet desugarization. This helped the domestic producers to get the Best Sugar Refinery of the Customs Union title.