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Gorodeya Sugar Refinery

Gorodeya Sugar Refinery is one of Belarus’ leading food companies holding a significant share on the domestic market. The company is also seeking to expand its presence abroad.

The company produces sugar from home grown sugar beet. The company uses imported sugar cane in the off-season period.

The company manufactures:
-�sugar packed in 50kg PP bags;
-�sugar packed in 25kg PP bags;
-�sugar packed in 1kg paper bags;
-�sugar packed in 5g bags;
-�sugar packed in 10g bags.

In 2009 the company plan to launch a new line to produce compressible sugar packed in 500g and 1kg cartons.

The company also produces: molasses, dried granulated and raw beet pulp, sugar mud.

In 2002 when the company started its technical upgrading, the manufacturing capacity was 2,800 tonnes of processed beet per day. In 2002-2008 the company manufacturing capacity went up to 7,000 tonnes per day.

Sugar quality supervision is carried out by the company’s production laboratory.

The company has STB ISO 9011-2001 and STB 18001-2005 quality management systems.


Gorodeya Sugar Refinery
2 Zavodskaya Str., Gorodeya, 222611, Republic of Belarus
Phone: +375 1770 62 524
Fax: +375 1770 57 457