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Slutsk Sugar Refinery

Slutsk Sugar Refinery is Belarus’ largest sugar producer. With its 40-year experience on the market, the company has earned excellent reputation both in Belarus and outside the country. The company is committed to production development and implementation of advanced technologies.


- white sugar (State Standard 2124)
- high-purity refined sugar (State Standard 2294)

Packed in:

25, 50-kilo PP bags;
1-kilo PP bags;
10-gramme bags

Sugar specifications:

sugars – 99.75%
moisture – 0.10%
colour – 0.5 in Stammer value
ash content – 0.04%
admixture – 0.0001mg/kilo
reducing agents – 0.02%
radioactive nuclides within GN-10-117-99

The company exports to:

the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Central Asia, the Baltic states.


6 Golovaschenko Str, Slutsk, 223610, Republic of Belarus
Phone: +375 1795 454 51; +375 1795 555-90

6 Aranskaya, Minsk,
220006, Republic of Belarus