The growth targets for Belarusian breweries are set out in the brewery industry development program for 2011-2015.

Belarusian brewing companies are fitted with the world’s best equipment and technologies. In 2006-2011, the investments into the industry totaled about $240 million. The production capacities of Belarusian breweries will exceed 64 million decaliters per year by 2014.

Belsolod has implemented a project “Comprehensive renovation and technical upgrade of Belsolod malthouses”. The company’s annual malt production is estimated at 130,000 tonnes. Belsolod boasts cutting-edge equipment made by European manufacturers. The company believes that the quality of its raw materials is crucial for the success of its business.

Belsolod has optimized a network of suppliers of raw materials. It constantly works to optimize malt barley production cycle, improve crop protection, and introduce new highly productive malt barley varieties purchased in Belarus and abroad.