The concern incorporates 13 producers of alcoholic beverages.

Belgospishcheprom attaches prime importance to the quality and competitiveness of products, introduces new technologies in water purification, processing of ethanol-water solutions and product design.

Product design emphasizes the distinguishing qualities of the product, its style and unique features. Alcoholic beverages are available in bottles from 0.05 liters to 3 liters. Products are sold in traditional bottles, as well as in 1.23-liter glass and ceramic bottles, souvenir bottles with screen printing and dosing bottle caps, 1.23-liter bottles with leather and wooden decorations, and exclusive 1.23-liter bottles with the following designs: Dagger, Shield and Sword, Cathedral, Stelle, etc.

Alcoholic beverages are packed in souvenir boxes made from cardboard, sackcloth, natural leather, and wood. Boxes are adorned by straw and willow decorations. Some of beverages are sold with a set of crystal vodka shots.

Domestic producers can boast a number of well-known brands popular both in Belarus and abroad. These are Belalco, Kristall, Akvadiv, Nemanoff, Radamir, Pridvinie, Klimgrad.

These brands received prestigious awards at international exhibitions in Minsk, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Sochi, Vilnius, Brussels, Cannes, and other cities.

The companies affiliated with the concern are expanding their presence in overseas markets including Georgia, Italy, Spain, Poland, Vietnam, the United States, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Norway, the United Kingdom, Czechia, Bulgaria, Chile, New Zealand, China, Iraq, Turkey, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Peru, Australia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, and Turkmenistan.