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Redirecting "Oshmyany yeast plant»

Redirecting "Oshmyany yeast plant»


A. Name of Project:

Redirecting "Oshmyany yeast plant" (branch of JSC "Yeast Plant").

The aim of this project is the conversion of "Oshmyany yeast plant" (branch of JSC "Yeast Plant") under the production of yeast extract capacity of 1,500 tons per year.

Total Project Cost: 4.9 million Euro.

Project implementation period - 1.5 years.

Form a business - without any restrictions.

Summary: As part of a project to build a new yeast plant between the Republic of Belarus, JSC "Slutsk Sugar Refinery" and the company «UNIFERM GmbH und Co. KG »(Germany) signed an investment agreement (Resolution of the Government of the Belarus on March 9, 2011 № 281).

Used in the project engineering and technology solutions company «UNIFERM GmbH und Co. KG », new strains of yeast, resource-saving equipment is not possible to fully compete branch of JSC "Yeast Plant"

In view of the above should be preprofilirovanie branch of JSC "Yeast Plant" under the production of yeast extract capacity of 1,500 tons per year.

Yeast extract - a product which used in food, medical,  cosmetics, etc. derived from yeast autolysate dilution with water and subsequent filtration or centrifugation to remove insoluble (solid) components. After gentle drying can be stored for a long time in the powder. (Source: "Microbiology: a glossary of terms", ​​Firsov N, M: Drofa, 2006)

Yeast extract - is a storehouse of biologically active substances: vitamins, amino acids, lipids and carbohydrates. The funds on the basis of yeast extract are in cosmetics to supplement vitamin balance of the skin, nutrition and polishing the hair in the food - for good taste, etc.

The main advantages of this project are:

 - The minimum cost of transporting primary raw material - molasses;

 - Availability of roads and railways;

 - Presence of gas, steam, electricity, water and other resources;

 - Availability of staff, ready to professional development and training.

The most essential risk influencing realization of the project - is to increase the prices of construction materials and equipment.


B. Placing an object:
























Figure 1. Location Oshmyany (Republic of Belarus, Grodno region)




















Figure 2. Location "Oshmyany yeast plant" of JSC "Yeast Plant" (Republic of Belarus, Grodno region, Oshmyany)



C. Participating organizations

"Oshmyany Yeast Plant", a branch of JSC "Yeast Plant"

231103 Republic of Belarus, Grodno. Oshmyany, Borunskaya Str., 15

Director Andrew M. Gavin

tel. / Fax: (+375-1593) 45758, 43165;

Concern "Belgospischeprom"

220006 Republic of Belarus, Minsk,   Aranskaya Str., 6.

Department for Sci–tech Development, Capital Construction and Investment of the "Belgospischeprom"

Nikolai V. Khoroshun,


Date: May 1, 2012

Contact information


6 Aranskaya, Minsk,
220006, Republic of Belarus