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About the concern

Belarusian state food industry concern


Belgospishcheprom is the Belarusian state food industry concern incorporating 57 food producers. It implements a coherent economic, technological and technical policy in the food industry. The domestic food industry is structured into 20 sub-industries manufacturing hundreds of food products.

In line with Council of Ministers’ Resolution No. 1683 as of 2 November 2000 “Concerning the Belarusian state food industry concern Belgospishcheprom”, Belgospishcheprom’s major objectives are:

- to implement a coherent economic, technical and technological policy at Belarusian food companies regardless of their form of ownership;

- to create the conditions stimulating the production of food resources and agricultural raw materials; to improve the country’s food supply;

- to encourage Belarusian food companies to increase labor productivity to satisfy the domestic demand and boost overseas sales; to assist local authorities with agricultural zoning to ensure better supply of the food industry with raw materials;

- to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of affiliated companies, to expand the commodity distribution network and promote the exports of affiliated companies;

- to raise funds for technical upgrade and refitting;

-other tasks.

Belgospishcheprom incorporates companies from across the entire spectrum of food production and processing industry:


6 Aranskaya, Minsk,
220006, Republic of Belarus